My all time favorite fish to catch on the Texas Coast is the all mighty Tarpon. Ever since I caught my first 2 in the same day out of my Kayak in the Surf, I have been Hooked on catching Tarpon ever since. They are one of the most powerful and aerobatic fish I have ever caught. From the initial hard strike, doubling your rod over and watching your line rip off the reel and watching as the line races to the surface, you know you’re about to see an amazing event. See a 6’ 150+lb Tarpon come leaping out of the water is really a sight to see. If you’re lucky enough to have the hook hold after the first jump, you’re in for a show and a fight of a lifetime. Most Tarpon continue to jump some more, then they will dig down and head towards the bottom, occasionally coming back up to the surface, leaping out of the water again. Once you get him close to the boat and he starts to tire out, they like to come to the surface to gulp some air, which gives them some more energy. A lot of times when they do that, they can rip off more line you have to fight to get back in. When you get him back, and I grab the leader, a lot of time they will go nuts again, Leaping out of the water just feet from the boat, crashing back into the water, getting us wet. Once boat side, I try my best to get pictures as fast as possible and get the Tarpon revived so we can release him healthy.

Tarpon are around from the spring to as late as Mid to late November depending on the weather. September through October is the most anticipated time of year for me when schools of big tarpon are making their way south along the beach and in around the jetties following the yearly rain minnow and mullet migration. This is usually the best time to have the best chance of hooking into one of these big beautiful fish.

I offer some of the best tarpon fishing excursions around the South Padre Island area because fishing for big tarpon is my passion. Book a trip today and lets go catch a big one.